tell apart

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Georgieva argued that a large portion of the refugees were children and women and they were not going to do any harm, but stressed that the authorities had to be able to tell apart refugees from illegal immigrants and to decide whether they were to be granted refugee status or returned to their home countries.
In a world where younger is a byword for better and Hollywood stars are so pinched, pulled, sucked, stuffed and injected that they are becoming hard to tell apart, these women weren't so much a breath of fresh air as a fashion gale force wind.
The standards are to help consumers tell apart Bulgarian products from the rest, Novinite.
Before, family members were harder to tell apart because they were traveling in nearby packs.
If only ginger beer didn't give me wind, we'd be hard to tell apart.
Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards, head of CID in Shropshire, said: "The suspected counterfeit coins found are very high quality and would be extremely difficult to tell apart from a genuine pounds 1 coin.
We have shown that our people can easily tell apart the desire for novelty and renewal from political provocations that have only goal in mind - to break up the Russian state and to usurp power.
According to Ahmed Mekky, Board Member and CEO of GBI, the company s capacity to connect customers to main European hubs is one of its many differentiating factors which serve to tell apart them in the market.
But while there is no shortage of balding, bespectacled middle-aged men involved in Liverpool local government, the women come in all shapes and sizes and are by and large easier to tell apart.
This volume in the Cambridge Illustrated Surgical Pathology series is devoted to a challenging and controversial area in which the gradations of normal, precancerous, and cancerous conditions are difficult to tell apart.
the girls who "could be Dorothy" are impossible to tell apart.
It's a joke that fans and TV viewers should have to tolerate teams coming out in kits that are hard to tell apart.