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TELLER. An officer in a bank or other institution. He is said to take that name from tallier, or one who kept a tally, because it is his duty to keep the accounts between the bank or other institution and its customers, or to make their accounts tally. In another sense teller signifies a person appointed to receive votes. In England the name of teller is given to certain officers in the exchequer.

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With the high cost of running bank branches in Hong Kong, NCR Interactive Teller technology is the premier solution to help redefine our branch banking experience and transform our retail network strategy, said Carmen Yip, Executive Vice President & Head of Retail Banking Group, Fubon Bank.
The Interactive Teller provides an effective state-of-the-art approach to expand a bank's network with branch transactions without the physical set up of an office.
To order this report: : Global Automated Teller Machines Market
Supported by simultaneous video and audio connections, Interactive Teller can help customers complete 95 percent of the teller services that can be done inside a branch.
Frank was born on August 7, 1917 in West Medway, a son of the late Joseph and Anna (Flanagan) Teller, he was raised in Worcester and had lived in Waltham since 1950.
The robber had been inside the Palmdale Boulevard bank lobby and followed out Jaime Quiroz Sanchez after watching as the teller counted Sanchez's 208 $100 bills, then told him to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles office to get an extension for his driver's license, which had expired a few days earlier, the lawsuit said.
What Teller manages to achieve here are de facto "cheap" versions of stereotypically German emotions that have been laid out not only in master paintings by Casper David Friedrich and the like but in the violence of the everyday as expressed in the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Barbet Schroeder, and Volker Schlondorff.
When Holloway entered the bank and demanded that the teller "put the money on the counter," he was not holding a gun or other weapon.
The theory is that most note-passers are out for a quick hit and will panic and leave when the teller doesn't return.
After a sojourn in German universities where he established himself as one of the masters of quantum esoterica, Teller was again forced to flee before anti-Semitism, this time to England where he first secured a teaching job in England.
A notice that a fee may be imposed by an automated teller machine operator as defined in section 205.