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The 27-year-old schlepped through 100 different jobs during 2012, from distributing flyers to data entry to telling fortunes.
Present Tense" tells of an unemployed, lonely and unhappy woman in ystanbul who tries to save money by telling fortunes in order to go to America to start a new life.
At Baladi restaurant in Jeita, Nadya Baroud says she considers her work telling fortunes to be chosen for her from God.
Section 365 of the Criminal Code describes the offence of fraudulently "pretending" to practice witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration; telling fortunes, and attempting to locate stolen or lost property by using "skill in or knowledge of an occult or crafty science.
On the bridge, a man is telling fortunes - a bird in a cage hops out and picks out a bit of paper with your fortune neatly typed out - a cryptic paragraph with a dire warning about some accident or misfortune.
THE FUTURE: Craig cast my I Ching, a way of telling fortunes, and said I was at a turning point in which things needed to be allowed "time to grow" and my last relationship would return.
Cynthia hardly recognises Harry and Dorothy pictured in their youth in the 1930s and in the poem Telling Fortunes writes: "no lines yet, all their teeth and hair, and happy, in droopy woollen swimsuits at Whitley Bay.
Mr Dickinson also spoke of having a police gun fired at him during a midnight pursuit, and telling fortunes on the streets of Istanbul to make ends meet.
Is Gypsy Rose Lee still telling fortunes on the Downs?