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It may well have been the case that if Mummy Joan had sent her son to the park while she was off practising her three point turns in 2006, she wouldn't have had a telling off from the police.
The same goes for a good telling off as this also would be seen as verbal abuse.
THIS mischievous young orangutan is made to see the error of his ways when he gets a telling off from his dad.
One time I went to meet her coming home along the Forty Foot Road I was given a right telling off and told not to go down there again.
Researchers fooled dog owners into thinking their dog had been up to mischief - then watched the pets' reaction to a telling off.
In any other profession a confrontation like this would have been dealt with by a telling off from a manager and an order to shake hands and move on.
But the Page Moss youngster was brought back down to earth after a strict telling off from police and a grounding from mum Michelle.
Mr Harbottle claims the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and a girl in the class, were play fighting and he delivered a stern telling off, wagging his finger.
Airport authorities saw the British man and Swedish woman in the early hours of Sunday morning and contacted police who gave them a telling off.
SMILE singer Lily Allen has received a telling off from schools for showing TV viewers a mobile phone clip of a pupil pulling down a teacher's trousers.
MAURICE HAMPTON says no-one will slack off when the Scottish Rocks host London Capitals today because they'd be afraid of getting a telling off from the entire team.