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Sir, it is impossible to give you a full account of it; I am too full to hold it, and yet have no tongue to express it; but let her have said what she will, though I cannot give you an account of it, this I can tell you, that I have resolved to amend and reform my life.
I have come, sir," replied Telemachus, "to see if you can tell me anything about my father.
When we were together he began to talk very gravely to me, and to tell me he did not bring me there to betray me; that his passion for me would not suffer him to abuse me; that he resolved to marry me as soon as he came to his estate; that in the meantime, if I would grant his request, he would maintain me very honourably; and made me a thousand protestations of his sincerity and of his affection to me; and that he would never abandon me, and as I may say, made a thousand more preambles than he need to have done.
The Story Girl looked as if she might tell if she would.
He was going to tell me how unhappy he would be if I did not care for him, but when he saw me cry he said he was a brute and would not add to my present trouble.
In this book I am going to tell you about a few of our greatest story-tellers and their books.
Tell him I saw him and Miss Ashburton beneath the pink oleander.
I know how you will look, and I can almost hear the voice in which you would tell me on the Iron Bridge.
I am sure Captain Jim could not tell a lie; and besides, all the people about here say that everything happened as he relates it.
Well, now that I come to think of it, he didn't tell me anything.
But, with all these allowances and drawbacks, I can tell you one thing, Noel.
No; your accomplished angler would scorn to tell a lie, that way.