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Telltale Games also announced that it will be at PAX East this week in Boston to talk more about the upcoming game.
Law & Order: LA" fits very well with the style of episodic entertainment experiences Telltale has been building since our very first days," said Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors.
The energizing blend of humor, emotion, teamwork, and full-on sci-fi action-adventure of the Guardians provides an enormously satisfying space to explore through Telltale's unique style of interactive storytelling," Telltale Games Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Bruner said of the project.
Still, the intricate story that Telltale is weaving is similar to its phenomenal "The Wolf Among Us": gripping and compelling without giving too much away of what's to come.
Telltale will release additional information on The Walking Dead games in the coming months.
For players who are still unsure if they are going to purchase "A New Frontier," Telltale games teased that the upcoming installment marks a new beginning for those who are not familiar with Clementine, and it also serves as a continuation to the previous seasons.
Telltale has rolled out a new feature this time around: Crowd Play.
Telltale also released a launch trailer for it - you can watch it here:
This new adventure of 'Marty McFly' and 'Doc Brown' is true to the spirit of the movies and I couldn't be happier about the great working relationship I've developed with the team at Telltale.
Telltale has made games for franchises including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Batman.
Leading digital-first publisher Telltale Games expands into social media gaming today with Back to the Future: Blitz Through Time , a new free-to-play Facebook game.
The trailer for "Batman - The Telltale Series Episode 3: 'New World Order'" was released Oct.