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In the four years since their second album, much has changed for The Temper Trap with key members spread around the globe.
Suggest that he either goes to anger management counselling or when he loses his temper he goes to stay with a friend until he calms down.
At home he remains Arron Bird, but nobody sees the real Temper once he is locked inside his Jewellery Quarter studio.
Unless we possess scientific temper we cannot give our thoughts and actions the right direction.
They also quote verses from the Qur'an and Hadith that confirm Islam's aversion to displays of anger, and how as Muslims we must always keep calm and keep our tempers under control.
The band gained a lot of listeners with their 2009 album "Conditions," and when they popped on over to Bonnaroo they had just released their new album "The Temper Trap" only a couple days before.
Temper now finds himself a man in more demand than ever; his ''new period'' kick-started by a commission from Retail Birmingham for a series of paintings Cut From A Different Cloth, portraits of famous fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen, which were displayed in Birmingham city centre.
I'm measuring people on the size of their hearts, not their physical appearance," said former graffiti artist Temper, aged 39.
Ames True Temper was financially advised by Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) and UBS (NYSE:UBS), while Robert W.
SO SOMEONE trying to make some money from selling his book tells us Gordon Brown, pictured, loses his temper with some of his staff.
THE conditional jockey found to have hit Sacrilege 11 times "in annoyance" when the five-year-old refused to race at Ascot on Saturday yesterday denied losing his temper.
1 : characteristic state of feeling <She has a very even temper.