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However, even those who are temperamentally authoritarian are significantly opposed, with 69 percent of those who score high on the Conformity Scale and 63 percent who score very high against the fatal disregard for due process in the conduct of the drug war.
Breitbart News has been a reliable supporter of the Trump campaign, and Bannon is temperamentally in tune with the candidate: combative, populist, receptive to conspiracy theories and unapologetic in his rejection of what some see as political correctness and others regard as common standards of respectful speech.
Of her Republican rival, Mrs Clinton said: "He's not temperamentally
The referendum result shows there are voters in North East England that are temperamentally much closer to Ukip than they are to Jeremy Corbyn's London-ish Labour Party.
They used the parliament for shifting the balance of power and isolating the KDP, then attempting to change the governing system temperamentally according to their own political interest, claiming that they'll turn Kurdistan into a "field of promoting democracy, eliminating the hurdles before achieving the personal, historical and political wishes.
All signs point toward a negative campaign for five months as Clinton accuses Trump of being temperamentally unfit to serve and the New York billionaire charges Clinton has a dark past with shades of corruption and a weak record as President Barack Obama's first-term secretary of state.
He is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility," the Guardian quoted her as saying.
It is a known fact that Pakistan cricketers are temperamentally volatile, and hence it is the responsibility of the PCB as well as every team owner to ensure their players play according to the spirit of the game.
he is temperamentally perfect, those who look after him say, and he could well turn out to be one of the greatest chasers of all time.
For the deaths of the convicted drug smugglers pricked the consciences even of those who, temperamentally and intellectually, are drawn towards tough penalties for serious crimes.
She explained that she herself was temperamentally unsuited to housework and laundry and always had been--even before the pills had kicked in.
Hymie was temperamentally well suited to the merciless demands of the vascular surgical subspecialty.