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Temperamentally it is impossible to conceive of two men more different than O'Brien and Fallon (pictured together below) and it is a tribute to their individual brilliance as trainer and jockey that their alliance furnished the sport with so many fantastic moments.
Temperamentally, the role does not seem to be a perfect match at the moment, and the audience response was much more polite and reserved than this fine artist usually receives.
He obviously likes the big stage, he doesn't get overawed by the occasion and temperamentally he's very good.
The hot water in the showers and the electricity have both been known to behave temperamentally in the visitors' changing room
One of the saddest cases is that of an officer who, by all accounts, was temperamentally unfit to cope with the responsibilities imposed on him.
Fitzgerald, temperamentally unsuited to Hollywood's controlling studio system, was suspended several times by Goldwyn for refusing roles.
Temperamentally, though, Golub had been putting cruelty first pretty much since he decided, in 1946, to abandon his art-history graduate studies at the University of Chicago (he was a 24-year-old vet on the GI Bill) and enroll at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Gao's narrator is temperamentally one of those ancient poets who, on falling from favor in the emperor's court, retreats to the mountains to reflect on the folly of human ambition.
When informed of his new assignment, Pantaleon points out that he is temperamentally unsuited for the job.
He says that his role models are former Senators Alan Simpson of Wyoming, a temperamentally moderate man if otherwise conservative, and centrist liberal Democrat, Bob Kerrey of Nebraska.
Like Pearl, Mississippi, and West Paducah, Kentucky, other towns hit with schoolyard killings, Jonesboro is located both physically and temperamentally in the Bible Belt.
We have conducted a national search and believe we have found that individual in the country most qualified and best suited temperamentally to achieve the goals we have set.