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For more information about the Temperance Rally or to register, please call 630-879-5235.
With the novel, Little demonstrates that some readers and participants in the movement saw temperance and its fiction as straightforwardly progressive and broadly radical, working towards remarkably different goals from those espoused by more mainstream temperance proponents.
Suddenly every other sound and movement on stage seemed strangely peripheral as The Temperance Movement's secret weapon fired off a salvo of truly inspired rock and soul.
The idea of a Temperance Bar which serves only alcohol-free drinks was popular in England during the 19th and early 20th century.
Although the family's source of unity was the church, Seth Chellis's community engagement also included service as a justice of the peace and membership in the Sullivan Temperance Society (Farmer 63, 120).
He organised the children's section of the Temperance Movement.
Temperance junkies can sign up for the tour or download a 52-minute podcast of the experience at temperancetour.
The debate over the use of grape juice in the Eucharist became a significant aspect of the nineteenth-century temperance movement.
As much as 600 cadres of the SDPI took to the streets, shouting slogans in favour of temperance.
Five people had to escape this flat on Temperance Road, Southsea, Wrexham after a torched bin fire threatened to spread to the building
Alcoholism is a serious problem in Kerala, and we have to take tough measures to counter it," Bishop Sebastian The kethecheril, chairman of the Temperance Commission of the Kerala Catholic Bishops' Council, told Catholic News Service Feb.