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In September 1819, the month following Peterloo, Wordsworth chose to write a sentimental poem noteworthy only for its deliberate exclusion of recent events: "Yet will I temperately rejoice; / Wide is the range, and free the choice / Of undiscordant themes.
Perhaps some people with a certain amygdala function respond more emotionally, more aggressively, less temperately.
frankly--but advisedly, temperately, and judiciously--criticizing each
As a campaigner, I tried to speak reasonably and temperately.
Benjamin Anastas in Bookforum more temperately chastises Roth for not recognizing the real plot against America, "one with targets and objectives we know all too well," hatched by terrorists abroad, not fascists within.
Vlosich (1980) evaluated three temperately adapted maize populations, public inbred lines, and single crosses for BGM resistance in 1976 to 1978 at New Mexico State University.
They're giving them sweet stuff-all advice', says one teacher, and another at the same school more temperately remarks that many who start Year 11 'don't have any idea of what they want to do or what subject they want to be in, despite all of the guidance and advice'.
Badawi has thus far expressed views similar to Mahathir regarding the United States, but is widely expected to express any criticism of the United States more temperately.
Temperance is one subject many Presbyterians know something about and, in the Presbytery of Vancouver Island, they can live temperately, if they so choose, in some of the most beautiful scenery in Canada.
Alone among these giants, Costigan remains constant in his devotion to moderate and modernizing progress, favoring both direct and participatory democracy, emphasizing the role of education, looking temperately to the benefits of international involvement (and favoring decolonization), and standing for labor and against the tariff even when it hurt him politically to do so.
Others argue, more temperately, that the Europeans and other protesters will swallow their reservations after the fact, when they can see the military success of our action and its positive consequences.
There are chapters on China and the Pinochet case, and a temperately argued conclusion that 'the world is a better place'.