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The persona Mill created for himself is, of course, a main character in these fictive worlds of Utilitarianism, and Eugene August has already pointed out how that persona--"so pacifically rational, so temperately earnest"--helped Mill to represent himself as the spokesman for a more lofty kind of Utilitarianism (John Stuart Mill 170).
They play falsely against that body of cool and temperately passionate work that, poem by poem, he has been constructing over four decades.
We do well to remember Bairnsfriend when we think of some of the abuses in human experimentation or when Toulmin's attack on principles praises those who can "discuss the morality of abortion temperately and with discrimination, acknowledging.
3) The occult, or rather a large part of it, had in al-Ghazzali's day been temperately couched in the systemic restraints of an esoteric Ismaili cosmology that made of the universe a macrocosmic being in which the great heavens and microcosmic man on earth found sympathetic resonance as one.
But Jefferson and Madison, like true wine lovers, imbibed temperately.
Coming off of temperately oversold conditions, the Dow Jones industrial average ended the day with a near 200-point rally, closing up 196.
15), or, when consumed less temperately, makes her "drunken with .
31) When through this openness to reality an individual becomes cognizant of truth--"the unveiling and revelation of reality" (32)--and when this truth shapes volition and action, then one may be said to have acted with prudence, and thus justly or bravely or temperately.