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Two possible methods for controlling the tempering process will be explored based on the use of ultrasound: a novel technology to control the crystal size distribution during tempering, and development of an in-line sensor capable of measuring the SFC, crystal size distribution and polymorph distribution in the melt.
Besides the local variation of the tempering stresses in the scale of several centimetres, on glass panels the value and character of the residual stresses depends also on the location on the panel.
Innovative Heat and Control / AMTek technology makes microwave tempering efficient, reliable and safe.
Altogether, the rubber injection molding machine MTF1500/280ergo, control PC-5000touch, tempering channel, mold, demolding kit and [cure.
The tempering process involved packing the dried grains into sealed containers and holding them for equal amounts of time until the moisture was equilibrated.
Furthermore, unlike martempering, no subsequent tempering operation is required.
As a result, Costa says, the tempering is not affected by localized annealing, so the large-fragment problem is eliminated.
Tempering makes chocolate shrink slightly and thus come away from its mold easily, says Fryer.
DCT involves subjecting objects to a cryogenics process (temperatures of -170 to -320 E dependent on the material and its application), and then post tempering to +175 to + 1100 F.
was founded in January, 2000 in Ogden, Utah and specializes in a new technology called Deep Cryogenic Tempering.
Knowledgeable, friendly tour guides explain the history of the company as well as cocoa bean growing, harvesting, fermenting, conching, tempering, and molding.
ISLAMABAD, June 08, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had remarked that it was a criminal negligence to bring change in documents like objective resolution adding Zia ul Haq tempered the constitution in 1985 through RPO and the sitting parliament had done a good job by undoing this tempering.