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The collection is called 'A Tempestuous Affaire' and is inspired from a piece of emerald.
The Office, though, is my rock in the tempestuous sea of life, a place to rest when I feel like I'm drowning or to warm myself on a sunny day.
At the heart of the novel is Anne's tempestuous and forbidden relationship with King Edward IV.
The climactic scene, in which Benoit rides in a sleigh with his drunken uncle and the body of a dead youth, resonates with Canadian cultural mythology, the snowstorm an indication of the tempestuous winds of change about to come.
She criticizes previous studies of this problem because of their tendency to view the sometimes tempestuous relationships between girls strictly on the psychological level, ignoring the social and political constructs that influence and reinforce such behaviors.
Sonia Brownell also became the inspiration for Julia (the girl from the Fiction Department), the tempestuous heroine of the novel.
In a surrealist manner, Kahlo's work was permeated by her tempestuous life and cannot be fully understood apart from it.
Amid this primeval vastness, bleached by blistering sun and blasted by tempestuous rain, the small provincial city of Tucson is a puny blip of air-conditioned civilization basking in summer temperatures that regularly reach 45 deg C.
Tempestuous Lady is fancied to make a winning bow over fences in the Parliament Novices' Chase (3.
Tempestuous as a diva and just as unpredictable, the massive star Eta Carinae is stunning astronomers with its brightest performance in over a century.
He is less convincing when he attempts to evaluate the context for bread rioting, which certainly, as he explains, included a conjuncture of bad harvests, tempestuous prices (although this information is deleted from the English abridgement), local loyalties and state intervention.
Lenny's tempestuous personal and professional life was marked not only by great passion but great pain.