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Throughout his meticulous and philological work, he reminds readers never to forget how subjective a process is choosing tempi and putting them into practice.
Delineata, in maniera ricca e articolata, questa griglia concettuale, cui sono aggiunte alcune indicazioni importanti sull'aspetto verbale nell'italiano antico, la studiosa applica l'analisi della distribuzione dei tempi verbali e dei segnali testuali nell'ambito della novellistica italiana antica e della cronachistica tra Duecento e Trecento, con alcuni sondaggi anche sul poema dantesco.
The student is able to adjust, feel the internal pulse and characterize the music at different tempi.
Tempi e spazi di vita femminile tra medioevo ed eta moderna emerged from the conference held in Trento in late 1997.
10) However, these relations allow one to begin working with tempo or acceleration, managing tight control over relations between simultaneous tempi, and then proceed to functions of elapsed beats in order to find the precise attack and release points.
Activities using the stretchy-band work well with music at a slower, more relaxed tempi since pulling back and forth with the arms is a relatively large movement that takes a longer time to initiate.