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Several similar cases of giant cell arteritis of the female genital tract have been described, both with and without concomitant temporal arteritis.
Here and in previous chapters McDonagh lays out the importance of these years as temporal nodes during which a flurry of discourse surrounding child murder was recorded in a wide variety of official and imaginative texts.
In fact, the Islam of some fundamentalists today is stricter and more severe than that traditionally practiced, and, more to the point, these fundamentalists have been far more effective at achieving temporal authority than have their Western, Christian counterparts.
Popes often wielded temporal as well as spiritual power.
Grundman and his colleagues showed a relationship between low body mass index (BMI) and loss of volume in the mesial temporal cortex, which governs cognitive functions like learning, memory, and affect, as well as more primitive drives like sleep, aggression, and appetite.
It is argued that, ironically, contingent facts about the temporal properties of consciousness are very difficult to square with presentism unless some form of mind--body dualism is embraced.
Surgery has proven to be both safe and effective for people suffering from a common form of epilepsy that emanates from the mesial temporal lobe, an area of the brain involved in memory.
Secondly, according to Lanser, temporal stance encompasses both the pace of the narration and the temporal distance between the moment of telling and the moment when the narrated events take place (1981: 198).
As an image-based culture is-according to Innis's formulation--a space-biased one that distorts our sense of time and an oral-based culture is time-biased, Stations is a prescient exploration of the contemporary cultural struggle between temporal and spatial forms of communication.
In other words, Leonardo's interpretation is not so much about temporal unity as about duration.
Given the state-of-the-art, it is currently within reach to develop good temporal models to study performance at a single node or in a small network (i.
QI HAVE recently been diagnosed with temporal arteritis.