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The 15 patients ranged in age from 68 to 94 years (mean 82) at the time of the temporal artery biopsy; 11 were women and 4 were men.
The diagnosis of GCA is made by a number of criteria including an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), C reactive protein (CRP) and positive temporal artery biopsy.
1) Diagnosis is usually established by temporal artery biopsy.
The contest increases awareness of the Exergen temporal artery thermometer, which was recently named the best selling thermometer among retail brands for the second consecutive year, according to Nielsen and SymphonyIRI Group, Inc.
Biopsy of the temporal artery also should be done, but treatment should not be delayed in the interim.
The blow had severed his temporal artery, the head's main artery, releasing a steady thin stream of blood.
It is possible that you have an ear infection but your GP will also want to check your cranial nerve function and ensure that your temporal artery is not inflamed.
In 5 of the 10 patients with associated temporal arteritis, the patients had no localizing signs or symptoms of temporal arteritis, but underwent biopsy of the temporal artery after discovery of the genital tract involvement.
Ahmed and Kolhe used a double-layer superficial temporal artery fascia flap, made up of the temporoparietal fascia and the fascia over the temporalis muscle, for the prevention of Frey's syndrome and contour defect.
Anthony Rossini's victim, Scott McCurry, 17, almost died when the blade sliced his temporal artery.
Several unique agreements resulting from past Summits include Pulse Oximetry offered by Masimo; Natus' newborn hearing screening; ONI's extremity MRI unit; Hovertech's Patient Handling System; Temporal Artery Thermometry from Exergen; and Stentor's PACS system.
Eight patients had injuries to ductal/neurovascular structures including the facial nerve (n=5), lacrimal duct (n=3) and superficial temporal artery (n=2).