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It is part of what Labov (1972: 369) considers a "secondary structure" of a narrative--that is a portion of a narrative that relates to the listener/reader information other than the temporal sequence of events.
In general, children with reading/writing difficulties simply describe the scene instead of creating a story, prepare a text with poor coherence, without creating/revealing a problem situation, have difficulty with the logical/ temporal sequence, and are unable to articulate ideas or to associate moments of their daily life with the scene, thus being unable to infer feelings or actions for the characters or telling details.
Biologically inspired associative memory networks (AMN) have shown some success for this temporal sequence learning and recalling.
In the testing phase, object detection and tracking, data stream conversion and temporal expression construction tasks are performed to find both (intra & inter) temporal sequence patterns for each sequence (i.
Both Experiments 1 and 2 demonstrate that participants are significantly faster at describing temporal sequences when using a Before relational cue than when using an After relational cue.
She was given other medications such as trimethoprim which may cause acute pancreatitis but there was no clear and strong temporal sequence between the pancreatitis and this drug.
Kraemer historically explains the unfolding of the law and establishes a documentary sequence of results; Rosenblum has no historical sequences to speak of and ignores the documentary outcomes of a temporal sequence of writings.
The temporal sequence, while the patient was in the emergency department, of abdominal pain, lightheadedness, a slow pulse, and the arrhythmia shown in the Figure suggest that reflex vagotonia may have played a role in the patient's arrhythmia.
Since our study design cannot delineate whether inflammation is the primary stimulus for labor or instead a signal downstream of some other primary trig ger or triggers, future research will focus on exploring the temporal sequence of events leading to the initiation of labor at term," Dr.
Concretely, we aimed to estimate the temporal sequence of activation of brain areas on each response category separately (KNOW and TOT), by application of low-resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA) to the ERP data from a preceding study (Diaz et al.
One way to investigate the spatio-temporal synchronism of predator and prey is to calculate and compare indices of spatial randomness in a temporal sequence.
A narrative can be defined as a collection of events or experiences that are (1) ordered in a temporal sequence and (2) imbued with a causal explanation (commonly referred to as a "plot") (Elliot, 2005).

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