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The spatial contrast and temporal sequence of the introduction of wheat and barley in China somehow echo the recurrence of the adoption of maize and potatoes in Europe and China in the seventeenth century AD.
This temporal sequence for Crassostrea virginica has been described in terms of a predictive degree-day estimator by Price and Maurer (1971) and Mann et al.
Both Experiments 1 and 2 demonstrate that participants are significantly faster at describing temporal sequences when using a Before relational cue than when using an After relational cue.
They are effective because, in addition to providing events with a temporal sequence and a plot, they also become the description- i.
The initial paragraphs, where Laura's death is described in the terms quoted above, however, are taken out of the temporal sequence of the memoirs.
To say that there is no such creature whose essence is the reality of the ant, that the ant is simply a stage in evolutionary transformation, is to take a certain part of temporal sequence and call it an ant; before that it was something else and it will evolve into something else.
If the parenthetical intrusions are removed, the entire passage is an elaboration on it and the way this pronoun functions like a dream, dependent upon the formal recognition of temporal sequence.
Are the features of his illness and temporal sequence of events characteristic of West Nile encephalitis (9)?
In the above cases, the discordance among diffusion, FLAIR, and T1-signal abnormalities may reflect an underlying temporal sequence of events in which restricted diffusion progresses to FLAIR signal abnormality and eventually T1-signal hyperintensity indicating hemorrhage.
The biographical endeavor to organize a narrative represents a temporal sequence and continuity, so does the narrative itself.
6) and that the historical data is organized "not along a temporal sequence .
Future studies should consider the temporal sequence of exposure and any self-reported symptoms.

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