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In Model 5, both children's age and the temporally stable single-parent family cluster are positively related to children's job attainment at wave 3.
In our study, we show that, as in France (5) the PFGE groups of the isolates circulating in Finland vary temporally with the cycles of the disease (Appendix Figure and Figure, Panel A).
There is no terra firma, temporally, spatially, or culturally: in short, a tailor-made, multilayered Mettlerian metaphor.
Used to analyze cell populations in such applications as protein expression and toxicology, it enables the user to study cellular events spatially and temporally.
Dendrograms representing patterns in distribution of Hydropsychidae populations revealed a noticeable degree of dissimilarity spatially between the riffles as well as temporally between consistent and low flow seasons; mirroring flow patterns in the South Dry Sac River.
Baycol was voluntarily withdrawn from the Canadian market in August, 2001, following continuing reports of rhabdomyolysis associated temporally with the ingestion of the drug.
The companies attributed the projected price increases to higher crude oil prices and to cost increases resulting from the temporally fall of the yen against the U.
HUDDERSFIELD'S push for promotion was temporally halted when they had two men sent off during a rugged draw at Orient.
The epidemic of 2001 temporally closed Bakewell Agricultural Market, which had been an important base for the firm.
But some cases of menstrual abnormality were temporally related to treatment with mood stabilizers.
He said that while Oracle's revenue from new applications licenses was flat, competitors including PeopleSoft saw comparable metrics decline in their most recent quarters (which, it should be noted, are temporally out-of-sync with Oracle's).
Additional artifacts found in consistent association with the pottery complex are projectile points recognized to be temporally diagnostic of the Middle Woodland period.