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adjective acting, ad tempus, brief, changeable, deciduous, elusive, ephemeral, evanescent, fleeting, fugacious, fugitive, impermanent, interim, limited, makeshift, momentary, monohemerous, nondurable, perishable, provisional, shifting, short-lived, stopgap, temporal, transient, transitional, transitive, transitory, unstable, volatile
Associated concepts: temporary restraining order
See also: acting, brief, ephemeral, interim, interlocutory, provisional, tentative, transient, transitory, vicarious

TEMPORARY. That which is to last for a limited time; as, a temporary statute, or one which is limited in its operation for a particular period of time after its enactment the opposite of perpetual.

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Continuing to practise mobile strategies that incorporate pre-war settlements and houses, the homemaking of these forced migrants straddles two territories in two or more countries (Capo, this issue) but does not completely erase feelings of temporariness, of liminality.
The former ideological disapproval of emigration was not seriously called into question by the new liberal labour migration stance of the regime of the Yugoslav "workers-state" due to the adopted return-paradigm of European labour migration policy during the recruitment era that gave labour migration the mark of temporariness.
Temporariness is crucial to the economic trajectory of the migration-development discourse.
28) Furthermore, the epilogue's pointed reference to the Masque of Blackness suggests a lingering controversy surrounding the use of skin-altering paint that needs to be dispelled by invoking the temporariness of the disguise and the involvement of a medical authority.
When an airplane goes down, a hurricane strikes or a relationship dissolves, we're faced with the reality that despite the defenses we have mounted against temporariness, we do not escape it.
The supposed freedom, suggested through the idea of travel, is thus juxtaposed to the constriction that Isabel encounters on her return; the constriction, filmed in normal colour, represents her current reality while the travels are shot in early twentieth-century newsreel fashion--they are short and fragmented--which stresses their temporariness and otherness, a life impossible for women to sustain.
The issue of temporariness has been addressed primarily from the individual migrant's point of view, with the objective of characterizing the determinants of optimum duration of stay abroad (Hill 1987; Stark et.
Temporariness of a property is marked by a non-prototypical clause pattern.
He likes the town, but he's also wary about it: "The very temporariness of American civilization.
And finally he would realize that one cannot and must not work out a definitive concluded system like a piece of architecture, but a sort of mobile system, a loose-leaf Summa, because in his encyclopedia of the sciences the notion of historical temporariness would have entered.
If the mentality of temporariness is our stumbling block, our all-round exposure to Western culture may be the strength we can contribute to China.

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