temporary agreement

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Thousands of operations and outpatient appointments were cancelled across the country, as British Medical Association and NHS Employers came to a temporary agreement on Monday.
A temporary agreement reached between Government officials, the British Medical Association (BMA) and NHS Employers means three days of strikes will now no longer go ahead as long as a final settlement can be agreed.
This was the temporary agreement reached under the auspices Juncker when he held talks with the leaders of the two sides.
To ensure continuity during the extended transition period of help, will urgently with different (and possibly new) providers of domestic help a temporary agreement must be entered into.
The city and Uber had been in talks on a temporary agreement that would allow the ride service to operate while officials worked with Uber and taxi companies to draft updated rules to reflect the rapidly changing landscape in how area residents hail rides.
Madine played his last scheduled game for City at Yeovil at the weekend but is not due to return to Hillsborough until Friday when his temporary agreement runs out.
But the rolling over of what was designed as a temporary agreement cannot continue forever.
Early this month, the Iraqi central government reached a temporary agreement with Kurdish regional authorities ending a bitter dispute over oil exports by and budget payments to the semi-autonomous Kurdish region.
A temporary agreement was signed in November 2013, with Tehran accepting strict constraints on its nuclear programme in exchange for a lifting of sanctions.
The estimate from the West's energy watchdog, citing regional and Western industry sources, follows a temporary agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) this month over their long-running oil sales dispute.
Shiu has entered into a voluntary, non-disciplinary, temporary agreement with the state Board of Registration in Medicine not to practice in Massachusetts, according to the board's website.
GM spokesman, Tom Wickham, stated that the company has reached a temporary agreement to buy Lake Huron water from Flint Township for Flint Engine Operations on West Bristol Road.

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