temporary arrangement

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The purely temporary arrangement thus proposed might have been convenient enough to the young lady, but it proved somewhat embarrassing to the writer of these lines.
Tenders are invited for Hiring of temporary arrangement for audio video conferencing system In Connection With
Despite her "smelling like the inside of an ear" and some unsanitary toilet habits, the temporary arrangement stretches to 15 years.
And she moves her van into his driveway in a temporary arrangement that will last 15 years.
The Pharos Arts Foundation will present a screening of the documentary A Temporary Arrangement with the Sea by Peter West and Steve Martland on Saturday.
However, after Anthony Johnson was recruited from Ramsbottom to replace Power, it is only likely to be a temporary arrangement.
This temporary arrangement will last for approximately six weeks.
This is a temporary arrangement which I want to end as soon as possible, but without my wife filling the vacancy on a temporary basis, the office would not be cleaned.
THE completion of the Cunard Building purchase is excellent news solving the turnaround capacity problem of temporary arrangement.
There should be no misinterpretation of the petition but as the government, we will try our best to explain to our people that the designation of the town is just on temporary arrangement purpose.
On the 5+1 meeting in Geneva that recently resulted in some kind of understanding between Iran and major international parties, Madani said "this is a temporary arrangement pending its results, hoping that such agreement be interpreted into final agreement that prevents any country in the region to possess a mass destruction weapon" and adding that "this comes in agreement with the overtures of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on how the region could be enjoying security and stability".
If it hasn't then there is no reason why the administrator cannot broker a similar temporary arrangement with ACL as he did for the last three home games of the current season.

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