temporary closing

See: lockout
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NEW YORK -- A union is asking labor regulators to go to court to force Wal-Mart to rehire all 2,200 employees affected by the abrupt temporary closing of five stores a week ago.
The committee also decided that alternative arrangements with mutual understanding would be made in case of temporary closing of medical departments in hospitals for periodic maintenance.
Tuesday marks the temporary closing of the Robinson Center Music Hall in downtown Little Rock for a $68 million renovation project.
The FAA and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey the said the incident forced the temporary closing of LaGuardia Airport, with one runway coming back into service around 7 p.
Public pressure and protests at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Cairo led to its temporary closing and the brief recalling of its ambassador in April.
Demanding a permanent solution--resettlement outside Yemen as opposed to financial assistance in Yemen--refugees set up tents outside the UNHCR building in Sana'a and began an 11-month demonstration that forced the temporary closing of the UNHCR office.
The mortgage has changed corporate hands a few times since the temporary closing.
These privileges were unavailable recently due to the temporary closing of the US embassy in Cairo during the anti-government protests that brought down President Hosni Mubarak in February.
Despite the church's temporary closing, the congregation continued its service, cleaning Cairo's streets, praying for unity (meeting daily for three hours in homes), and distributing food to poor areas of the city.
Bill Walker, director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, said that no seafood has been deemed contaminated, but Steven Murawski, director of scientific programs and chief science advisor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service, defended the temporary closing of fishing areas to safeguard public health.
Outlets which didn't comply with the regulations would be given a warning, which if ignored could lead to a Dh10,000 fine or even temporary closing of their store, Bushahab said.

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