temporary escape

See: reprieve
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Could I but reach that little bit of polished steel I might yet effect at least a temporary escape.
Then detach immediately with a temporary escape, perhaps a phone call to a friend or a visit to the watercooler.
For Thomas and aspiring young poet Brinnin, their only option is a temporary escape to get their act together (and get Thomas off the booze); a weeklong retreat at a remote East Coast boathouse, where the earnest ingenue and his fast-fading idol will swiftly measure themselves against one another and be forced to face up to their realities.
It will give those going a place to get excited and for those that aren't going, a pretty great temporary escape.
In turn, Rosales Herrera competently applies the familiar angel/monster dichotomy to propose that the female protagonists in each novel, Patria/Yocandra and Claudia/La Mora, not only characterize their respective creators (Valdes and Chaviano) by blurring the borders between literature and extra-literary narrative discourses but also obtain temporary escape in the power of the erotic.
Fantasy and wishful thinking may be a nice temporary escape, but sooner or later a harsh reality rears its head.
Tonight's Villa Park clash pits the Premier League's 18th and 19th-placed strugglers against each other with a temporary escape from the relegation zone up for grabs for the winners.
When first conceived, the object of such forms of public entertainment was to make us laughC* and at times cryC* and almost always it was meant to provide us with a temporary escape into make-believe realities and lifestyles through the lens of fictitious characters.
But gin was cheap and provided at least temporary escape from the abject poverty, the filth and hopelessness of the environment.
If the political stress of your job is getting too much for you, use the next weeks for a temporary escape.
He represented temporary escape from the agonies of a desperately ill-suited job in Fenchurch Street and today was going to be savoured, do or die.
It's all about a temporary escape from real life, a need for fascinating and fantastical experiences.

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