temporary halt

See: moratorium
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I saw then that I must fight, yet still I hated to slay them, and it was only as a final resort that I dropped two of them with my rifle, bringing the others to a temporary halt.
Gould summarized the legend as follows: "In the heroic version, John Scopes was persecuted, [Clarence] Darrow rose to Scopes' defense and smote the antediluvian [William Jennings] Bryan, and the antievolution movement dwindled or ground to at least a temporary halt.
White mainly describes how nobles, including monks, carried on disputes that can often be understood as feuds (guerrae), and how these disputants brought or tried to bring disputes to at least a temporary halt.
Despite the temporary halt, officials said the Salvation Army and other charities are working to renovate a 120,000-square-foot warehouse in Bell to serve as a shelter.
Or maybe it could call a temporary halt while the promoters decide what its function really is.
Hence, the court said that the temporary halt in development did not constitute so onerous of a burden on Nolen's use of his land as to constitute a taking that required compensation.
In any event, federal regulators placed the bank under a regulatory watch from February 2003 until May 2004, which called a temporary halt to its acquisitions.
In a move that will likely force a temporary halt to the import of corn gluten feed from the United States to the European Union, the European Commission proposed April 12 that all imports of the product be accompanied by a certified guarantee that corn gluten does not contain the genetically modified corn known as Bt-10.
Phuket Airport in Thailand brought a temporary halt to operations immediately the disaster hit, and staff and passengers evacuated the local area.
However, as we said at the time, a temporary halt to fuel tax increases is exactly that; temporary
said Wednesday it will resume sales Saturday of the F900i handset model for its FOMA third-generation mobile phone service after a temporary halt due to malfunctioning e-mail software.
The flurry of new hotels has also hit a temporary halt, with none planned for this year.

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