temporary refuge

See: asylum
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I felt that I didn't know so well as Miles, and I took temporary refuge.
More than 100 of the pets have now been re-homed after being transferred to temporary refuge centres.
Yesterday, International Development Secretary Ms Clare Short, said offering temporary refuge to people who wanted to leave the area was "fine", but warned there were many who would want to stay as close to their homes as possible making the provision of local accommodation vital.
Frightened Romanian men, women and children were moved to a temporary refuge at indoor tennis courts in a council leisure centre where they were given food and other provisions.
Rescued by my brave friends to the temporary refuge of Boro, beer and curry.
The elderly owners of the house, Michael and Nancy Horrax, turned their home into a temporary refuge for the injured.
Juliet, whose ear was cut off with scissors, has found temporary refuge with Bobby Dorafshar, who helps run New Leash on Life Animal Rescue in Woodland Hills.
Other characters who frequent the backyard setting in Pittsburgh have their share of trouble as well: the erratic and obsessive Hedley, who dreams that someday he will own a plantation and be a "big man"; the lone and cynical landlord Louise, who frequently laments yet endures the single life; the "fast" and pregnant new arrival Ruby, who flees man trouble down south, seeking temporary refuge up north in her Aunt's home; the brooding Canewell, whose blues is captured by his melodious and talented harmonica playing; and the hopeless flirt Red Carter, who brags of his wife's fertility, yet makes no pretense about being monogamous.
When a single mother is taken ill, Alice's mother agrees to provide temporary refuge for the sick woman's son, Robbie (Brady Allen).
They applied for temporary refuge and have conveyed to Japanese officials their desire to head for South Korea.
Eat Pray Love (PG) Liz's marriage to Stephen (Billy Crudup) ends in acrimony and she seeks temporary refuge with best friend Delia (Viola Davis) before pursuing a divorce.
The frightened families were yesterday moved to a temporary refuge at a council leisure centre where they were given food and other provisions, but many vowed to leave Northern Ireland for good.

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