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In relation to caries removal, majority of the participants preferred total removal and temporary restoration in first clinical session followed by second session for permanent restoration.
If a patient sees that a temporary restoration is natural-looking and feels comfortable, it is a great demonstration of the practice staff's level of skill and attention to detail, and helps the patient feel confident about what's next.
as a provisional abutment for the fabrication of a cement-retained single tooth temporary restoration
Thirdly, a temporary restoration that sets while inside the impression may set too high in occlusion.
Mixing the temporary restoration material: composite versus acrylic resin
Tenders are invited for Temporary restoration of link road from Jandiyal to Chingyani by way of RBM filling
Tenders are invited for Estimate for Flood repairing work in urgent basis by temporary restoration of flank repairing by providing Earth work , Gunny bags and dressing and chilchalling etc.
Contract notice: Temporary restoration work on the Hebert bridge.
according to the construction schedule, Dismantling work and temporary restorations will be carried out for each phase of construction first.
by Dr Puneet SoraturCEREC is a much healthier treatment option as there are no temporary restorations involved.
Afterwards impressions are taken and temporary restorations fitted to your mouth which will replicate your final smile.

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