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For Israel, which has perfected the temporising game, these nine months were just a prelude to seek another extension in the talks and to deflate the propensity of the international boycott movement while undermining the peace process by building new "Jewish only homes" - over 7,000 units since July.
John Greenwood, Director of the Adult Burn service at Royal Adelaide Hospital has been working with PolyNovo Biomaterials to develop a synthetic material Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) since 2004.
In other times and other places, Jews did not feel compelled to do such things; sometimes they accepted execution by persecuting authorities, if running away or bribery failed; sometimes they engaged in preventative deceptions, such as conversion or temporising.
Anything that smacks of temporising and appeasement will further inflame the public a few months before national elections are due.