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The main focus of the study was about time being managed in anniversary television news and to achieve this aim, a tripartite methodology has been proposed to deconstruct the modes and strategies of the temporization of the national.
The resultant effect of this forced migration is the temporization of space for blacks in the Diaspora.
political bicameralism for which the second chamber (in certain unitary states) is the answer to some political imperatives such as: stopping the abuses, temporization of democratic dynamism, "guarantee of the reflexion" etc (17);
This is known as the temporization of work, redolent to the features of Fordist production.
The device analyzes activation patterns and temporization in both chambers analyzing P wave and R wave sequences and rates.
Discussion, rhetoric, bargaining, temporization, prevailed" (163).
These tactics of temporization are not unique to Mannyng or Hardyng.
Certainly, business opposition or temporization doesn't seem to have done much to close Superfund's gaping maw.
The guide begins with case selection, tooth preparation and temporization, and then discusses choice of porcelains, bonding and finishing.