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Our voice can be a powerful temporizing and stabilizing force of positive influence.
A statement from the bloc quoted him as saying, "The United States is temporizing in supplying Iraq with weapons and aircraft that Iraq contracted before with the value of / 3 / billions dollars, and "stressing" the need to contract with other countries, such as Russia, China and Iran.
Farry notes the temporizing stance of the two local Catholic bishops, Morrisroe of Achonry and Coyne of Elphin who, through the conscription crisis and the War of Independence right down to the Civil War, were clearly waiting to see which way the political wind was blowing.
Thus, in contrast to the West's temporizing, the strategy of Assad's allies is clearly defined: military victory for the regime, backed by ample supplies of weapons and, in the case of Iran, Lebanese proxy troops from Hezbollah on the ground.
Although percutaneous drainage may offer a temporizing approach, it is not a definitive therapy for cases of suspected osteomyelitis [8].
1] On the other hand, in the face of delayed graft function (DGF) having PD catheter in place postoperatively leaves the potential to use that catheter for temporizing peritoneal dialysis while waiting for the allograft to recover function.
However, investors are now temporizing and observing the situation in aluminium market.
the earlier 'Abbasid temporizing with the Umayyads and overall lack of heroism, versus the inability of the cAlids, despite their steadfast resistance, to win over sufficient support to succeed in their insurrection.
In order to achieve hemostasis emergently, a variety of temporizing measures can be performed.
Yet something tells me that they'll just keep temporizing until the next financial crisis boils up.
The systemic blood pressure should be increased to drive adequate flow via collaterals to the area of ischemia as a temporizing measure.