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A statement from the bloc quoted him as saying, "The United States is temporizing in supplying Iraq with weapons and aircraft that Iraq contracted before with the value of / 3 / billions dollars, and "stressing" the need to contract with other countries, such as Russia, China and Iran.
1] On the other hand, in the face of delayed graft function (DGF) having PD catheter in place postoperatively leaves the potential to use that catheter for temporizing peritoneal dialysis while waiting for the allograft to recover function.
COMMENT Although many common conditions will resolve spontaneously, it's hard to imagine temporizing in a patient with chest pain and presumed aortic dissection.
The results "add to the growing evidence that bariatric surgery plays a role in temporizing the risk factors for major cardiovascular events.
In order to achieve hemostasis emergently, a variety of temporizing measures can be performed.
Adds Goldberg, "You have to deal with Dylan as a Jew and not as an ordinary, temporizing, self-conscious Jewbut a Jew with dangerous feelings.
Yet something tells me that they'll just keep temporizing until the next financial crisis boils up.
The sonnet form seems primarily chosen to elicit this drama of temporizing.
Now a senator, Brown is temporizing on the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell.
There is no chance of defeating the Taliban and Al Qaeda unless Pakistan's leaders stop temporizing (and in some cases collaborating) and get fully into the fight," the editorial said.
Temporizing was politic; so too were delay and even failure to deliver documents.
Anything that smacks of temporizing and appeasement will further inflame the public a few months before national elections are due.