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The new Scone Mix creates temptingly sweet or flavour-some savoury scones for a filling midday snack.
com, Mecca Bingo is looking for a range of temptingly tasty recipes to feature in a cookbook being launched later this year.
It could be a temptingly placed window that draws the gaze to the wondrous forest, yet it is a mural, a photorealistic mis-en-abyme.
The sound of it droned on temptingly in the distance.
Until fairly recently, cautious gardeners only planted sour cherries in our cold rated Zone-5; now dwarf hybrid self-pollinating sweet cherry trees are temptingly available.
Ward is talking mainly about some of the temptingly rich treats that dogs get, because a chart he prepared for the magazine (available to download in the "Web Exclusives" section of www.
BIG WIG (Citroen DS), 2007, a glimpse into the showroom of an automobile dealership with several cars lined up temptingly in a row, becomes an exploration of one of the everyday myths of Europe and the desires that can be projected onto it in the global South.
Birds Eye has a zero-tolerance policy on illegal fishing and fish caught out of quota and we don't buy 'spot market' fish (the usual market for illegal fish), despite it having temptingly low prices.
As for the aroma of cooking that floats in the air temptingly round noon, this is now more or less submerged by petrol fumes.
Executives should have a built-in financial incentive to focus on R & D, customer satisfaction, management development and other corporate building blocks that don't provide an immediate financial return and are temptingly easy to cut when belt-tightening.
A quick detour to grab a tea in the office's coffee room, where piping carafes of java wafted temptingly, proved that his alert countenance wasn't merely a caffeine-induced facade either.
They're dismayingly wealthy, temptingly close by, and, with a population of only 41,000, surely defeatable.