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On the plus side, it's the most beautiful bit of coastline I've ever walked, with the remains of a shipwreck, a charming lighthouse, a postcard cottage you might know better as Barton Cottage, from the BBC's Sense and Sensibility, and temptingly climbable look-out rocks.
It could be a temptingly placed window that draws the gaze to the wondrous forest, yet it is a mural, a photorealistic mis-en-abyme.
Birds Eye has a zero-tolerance policy on illegal fishing and fish caught out of quota and we don't buy 'spot market' fish (the usual market for illegal fish), despite it having temptingly low prices.
As for the aroma of cooking that floats in the air temptingly round noon, this is now more or less submerged by petrol fumes.
Executives should have a built-in financial incentive to focus on R & D, customer satisfaction, management development and other corporate building blocks that don't provide an immediate financial return and are temptingly easy to cut when belt-tightening.
A quick detour to grab a tea in the office's coffee room, where piping carafes of java wafted temptingly, proved that his alert countenance wasn't merely a caffeine-induced facade either.
Holiday over: We're back in England, and Anderson's anxious, excavating optic has pinpointed what might once have been a training ground for future colonists, a temptingly inaccessible playground in the liquid heart of a Victorian park.
They're dismayingly wealthy, temptingly close by, and, with a population of only 41,000, surely defeatable.
But don't rule it out her application form for the Yonex Scottish Championships in Perth at the end of this month is sitting temptingly on top of her microwave.
According to the company, "The temptingly pungent fries quickly acquired a cult-like following.
Face it, there is just so much space on your kitchen counter to accommodate the avalanche of appliances that so temptingly entice you with the wonders they can help you perform to dazzle family and friends.