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Mir Murtaza was a man of courage who lived a turbulent life and would be remembered for tenaciously fighting dictatorship, the President said in his message.
However, Danedream came with a powerful late run in the final furlong to join the leader and stayed on tenaciously to deny her rival by a nose in a truly memorable finish.
On the contrary, I expect her and her team to demand stricter measures for dealing with the stray dog problem even more tenaciously," Fandakova declared on Tuesday.
He had plenty of injustice to fight against, and he fought tenaciously in the face of great odds.
The engine offers amazing thrust and hangs tenaciously on the throttle in every situation, accompanied by an unmistakable 10-cylinder Audi sound.
Nevertheless, they defended tenaciously and each time Bedwas looked close to crossing their execution let them downand it was loutside-half GethinWorganwhokept the scoreboard moving with three penalties.
But Owens battled tenaciously to stay at the head of the field, albeit jointly with his arch rival, following a 76 to set up a dramatic four hole play-off.
I've always admired the person who can set an ambitious goal and tenaciously push toward it, no matter the impediments, until the goal has been achieved.
It will provide a thin, colorless bonded film coating that will adhere tenaciously to the mold surface, allowing for a maximum of parts to be molded per application.
Our entire staff and field sales support have worked tenaciously over the past 24 months.
On the other hand, according to Jovanovski, the Government tenaciously insists on project "Skopje 2014" that basically does not mean anything else but unproductive spending of taxpayers' money.
The present indicators are not so optimistic due to the fact that the party leaders are tenaciously defending their position--that they are the ones who should draw up the offer.