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The Giants tackled tenaciously with places in their team for the Challenge Cup semi-final against St Helens just over a week away.
Playing with just ten players due to injuries and work commitments, Adders went a goal down inside two minutes but fought back tenaciously to equalise on 37 minutes when Crump unleashed a long range half volley to stun the visitors.
But it is Il Duce who constantly grabs the limelight in this ultimately heartwarming tale of a post-World War II immigrant population that tenaciously adhered to the American dream that if you were willing to work hard you could be a success in this country.
The recurring problems of abstraction may well be bound up with precisely the high-Modernist, and in many respects Modernist, values it has tenaciously held on to.
Until financial reporting standards are developed and enforced for the benefit of investors rather than the benefit of issuers; -- "Until auditors renounce their advocacy of corporate interests, regain independence, and become vigilant watchdogs for fair disclosure; -- "Until corporate managements put shareholder interests first and stop retaliating against analysts for unpopular opinions; -- "Until Wall Street firms recognize that it's in their best interest to reward high-quality, independent research; -- "And finally, until all Wall Street analysts adhere tenaciously to a code of ethics and standards of professional conduct that place their investing clients' interests before their own - or their firms'.
And he was in no mood to let things slip as he battled through tenaciously to win 21-19.
I likened Davies' allies to alley cats, hanging tenaciously on to power but the new regime, determined to impose discipline on the ex-Welsh Secretary, complained.
The comedy about a nonconformist worker ant has proven tenaciously popular up to the eve of the $85 million ``Bug's Life'' release.
Founded in 1988, Q&K has established a national reputation for successfully and tenaciously representing plaintiffs in insurance bad faith, insurance coverage, products liability, construction defect, catastrophic personal injury, intellectual property, toxic torts, class actions, business torts, employment, entertainment and other consumer cases throughout California.
The company's water-based rubber lubricant is said to provide a durable, dry, colorless film coating that will bond tenaciously to the applied surface.
The game was very close, with Li having to defend tenaciously.
Bray are the cupholders and have fought tenaciously to keep the cup.