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The extent of the repairs required by the tenant to put the premises 'in good and tenantable condition' at termination of the lease may involve returning the premises in a far better condition than when they were first let," he explained.
The Lessor shall, at all times, maintain the leased property in good repair and tenantable condition.
Whereas there are mansions and castles in England and Wales which have for many years been uninhabited, and are now falling to decay, by their being haunted and visited by evil spirits, or the spirits of those who for unknown reasons are rendered miserable even in the grave, a gentleman, who has made the tour of Europe, of a particular turn of mind and deeply skilled in the abstruse and sacred science of exorcism, hereby offers his assistance to any owner or proprietor of such premises, and undertakes to render the same free from the visitation of such spirits, be their cause what it may, and render them tenantable and useful to the proprietors.