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de Blacas, I must change your armorial bearings; I will give you an eagle with outstretched wings, holding in its claws a prey which tries in vain to escape, and bearing this device -- Tenax.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of Tenax Strap.
DIN ISO 16000-6, Dezember 2004: Indoor air--Part 6: Determination of volatile organic compounds in indoor and test chamber air by active sampling on Tenax TA sorbent, thermal desorption and gas chromatography using MS or MS-FID.
This capability has been progressed over a number of years through working alongside partners such as Boeing, Ford, Toho Tenax and the University of Nottingham as part of Technology Strategy Board funded projects, such as AFRECAR and HIRECAR, to develop routes for carbon fibre recycling and processing.
Mitsubishi Rayon, SGL Carbon, Toho Tenax, Toray Group and Zoltek Companies Inc.
To make it work, you place the funnel over the object or environment you wish to capture, then a pump sucks the air across an odour trap made of Tenax - a porous polymer resin which adsorbs the volatile particles that make up the smell.
Aim to mix low-lying plants with the odd raised bed of dwarf conifers say and break up the beds with the occasional soaring yet still plant such as Juniperus Sky Rocket or Phormium tenax.
We also provide information on the natural history of this species, including its association with the shrub Sideroxylon tenax L (Sapotaceae).
The Teijin Group, which has positioned automobiles and aircraft as one of its key growth markets, has been accelerating the development of new technology solutions through collaboration between the Teijin Composites Innovation Center and Toho Tenax Co.
In particular the Phormium tenax (New Zealand flax, pictured) stood out for me as I learned it originated from riverbanks and mountainsides.
in addition, two other species of syrphids collected on Usery Peak also are vouchers at the USNM (Eristalis tenax USNM ENT 00035273 and Copestylum apiciferum USNM ENT 00035274).
Unfortunately, the vast majority of the modern hybrids, with their brightly coloured leaves belong to the species phormium tenax and, being a lowland species, are not guaranteed to be fully hardy in our climate.