tend toward

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This motion, faithful to the laws of mechanics, would have been accelerated with the diminution of its volume; and a moment would have arrived when the centrifugal force would have overpowered the centripetal, which causes the molecules all to tend toward the center.
Their theory of development is wrong, for it does not tend toward a perfectly balanced whole.
Beauty would be his life; his aspirations would all tend toward it; and, allowing his frame and physical organs to be in consonance, his own developments would likewise be beautiful.
Gorgeous gay-guy glimpses are South Florida givens, Concentrated queer congregations tend toward Collins Avenue, Ocean Drive.
I tend toward the creative side and he tends toward the business side.
Set in the violent drug world of Baltimore's beleaguered Westside, the show weaves in and out of the lives of the drug dealers and the families they destroy, the cops in a patient yet unwinnable war and the politicians who tend toward inertia.
Rather than seeking inspiration from this melting pot of cultures, however, models for the development of tourism tend toward Eurocentric scenographic solutions.
Although her politics tend toward radical libertarianism, she sees some benefit to "some of what is being done in the name of SarbOx compliance," along with a lot of burdensome requirements that make little sense.
Some studies have shown that people who eat fish tend to consume less meat and cheese, and may tend toward eating other healthy foods like vegetables and brown rice.
But unlike these younger, more urbanized artists, whose influences tend toward the Pop-ish and faux outsider, Brophy sinks his foundations into painting's historical loam, tapping unfashionable veins of German Romanticism, Renaissance portraiture, and the landscape paintings of Albert Bierstadt and Frederic Edwin Church.
Fishermen are known for telling tales of their catches that tend toward exaggeration.
The narrative is readable and the writing fairly competent, although the characterizations tend toward the two-dimensional.