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It has never been observed on the macro scale, and rejects the laws of biogenesis (Pasteur showed that life only comes from life); second thermodynamics (natural processes tend towards disorder and the simple will never make the complex without the input of programmed information); and probability (it is estimated the chance of a protein arising out of non-living matter is one to 10 to the 320th power).
The famous buildings of the United States are of framed construction, and framed buildings tend towards openness and lightness.
Whereas his earliest accounts of mad princes tend towards general non-technical diagnoses, such as "not right in the head," by the middle of the sixteenth century the turn toward professional medical opinion and therapy is ubiquitous.
Inexperienced auditors tend towards excessive note taking and should consciously guard against this.
Bryan Richter, vice president of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Stellent, adds that while European corporations are clearly aware of the benefits of content management and potential costs associated with poorly managed unstructured data, implementations still tend towards the 'piece-meal' approach.
In turn, these changes tend towards bankruptcy, massive migration, and the ultimate collapse of society.