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More specifically, the multiple regression model revealed the following five relationships: First, groups that attained the highest scores on the article critique, on average, tended to be those that reported having the highest levels of socially prescribed perfectionism and the lowest levels of other-oriented perfectionism.
This action has tended to result in an understanding of sexuality as profane and mundane.
Cardiac admissions tended to decline as ozone concentrations rose in London, while Hong Kong's ozone concentrations, although very similar to London's, had no significant link with cardiac admissions.
The doctors also found that dancers who were getting hurt tended to be the ones who didn't take class or cross-train during company breaks.
Blumer and Heilbronn (1984) postulated that pain prone individuals tended to deny emotional and interpersonal distress, experienced guilt and depressed mood, and showed an inability to deal with anger and hostility.
This indicates that while there were fewer accidents and illnesses during 1991, they tended to be slightly more severe.
The backup in mortgage rates earlier in the year had reinforced the more general cautionary factors that had tended to inhibit overall spending.
He tended to exercise his authority in two basic ways: through memoranda and through formal committees.
Larger companies tended to pay more than smaller ones.
Metz Protestants in the legal and medical professions tended to own more religious books and fewer books that focused on their profession than their Catholic counterparts.
Subjects who were formerly macrobiotic tended still to have diets that had less than the recommended level of vitamin [B.
Whereas the Oscars usually pull around 40 million viewers, the Emmys have tended in recent years to make do with 15 million to 20 million or so.