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So far, it takes after the Gordon pattern, but I'm so afraid it will develop Byrne tendencies as I grow older.
I think that my tendencies are rather the other way.
In this I take it that Red-Eye, in spite of his tremendous atavistic tendencies, foreshadowed the coming of man, for it is the males of the human species only that murder their mates.
In its third period, therefore, epic poetry shows two divergent tendencies.
We should consider whether he makes them (1) merely caricatures, or (2) type characters, standing for certain general traits of human nature but not convincingly real or especially significant persons, or (3) genuine individuals with all the inconsistencies and half-revealed tendencies that in actual life belong to real personality.
Two of the most important contrasting tendencies of style in the general sense are Classicism and Romanticism.
This book has grown out of an attempt to harmonize two different tendencies, one in psychology, the other in physics, with both of which I find myself in sympathy, although at first sight they might seem inconsistent.
My readers have opportunities of judging for themselves whether the influences and tendencies which I distrust in America, have any existence not in my imagination.
Researchers have argued that besides these cognitive characteristics, regret has particular motivational qualities: Regret is said to be associated with the desire to undo the adverse outcomes of one's decisions, with reparative action tendencies, and with goal persistence (Zeelenberg and Picters 2004a, 2006, 2007; Zeelenberg et al.
31, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- People often don't suspect that many people have hoarding tendencies, however there are signs that individuals are susceptible of becoming hoarders in the long run.
The falling number of orders from EU member states and the falling prices of metals in world markets are two crucial factors that may have a negative effect on the economic tendencies in 2013, said Economy Minister Valon Saraqini.
As well as being such an intelligent woman, I would say she had psychopathic tendencies.