tender performance

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The water quality in and out of the decanter are provided in the tender performance guarantees annexed to the Act of Commitment.
By now, I'm guessing that Garth's tender performance of this song on Good Morning America has been seen by half of North America.
Initial fears that this film could be an unappetising Euro-pudding are kicked into touch by a career-best bit of screen acting from Brosnan that manages to match the tender performance of Dyrholm.
The new work, which features Dance Collective members Lisa Spaull, Angharad Harrop and Colin Daimond, explores near misses and the moments of collision in a tender performance that sees the three dancers duck, dive and leap over and under each other to search for their place on stage.
Martin delivers a tender performance that leaves a lump in the throat.
Martin delivers a tender performance that leaves a lump in the throat when it looks likely he will have his heart broken again.
It was, however, a programme which saved the best until last with a delightfully tender performance of Rachmaninov's familiar Piano Concerto No 2.
KINKY BOOTS (12A) is a lovely British comedy drama about how a Northampton shoe company transformed itself with naugty boots, with Chiwetel Ejiofor giving a wonderfully tender performance as brassy cabaret singer Lola.
The tender performance of Rogers' ``I Like to Be Told'' (``I like to be told/If it's going to hurt'') was an eloquent take on the loss of civility.
The route network of motorways of the Free State of Saxony are the present tender performance of dewatering / draining and cleaning / site clearance, drainage installations (rain retention basins RRB / stormwater sedimentation tanks RKB ) provide for and feed the extracted BerEnumgut a recycling / disposal.
The Fool is a madcap music-hall comedian who plays the spoons, produces eggs and kisses the king, but although Sylvester McCoy offers a tender performance, it is possible he missed a trick somewhere with this interpretation.
Frances McDormand gave a tart yet tender performance as the mother of the central character.