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Sweden-based, SVIA, develops automated solutions for machine tending processes and uses robots for feeding components to lathes and mills, as well as to secondary processes like part marking, assembly and washing.
Many interventions are established as process-oriented events tending to reflect traditional affective, relational exchanges.
I see tending more often with mature bucks than with immature bucks, which leads me to believe the doe is also content to let things play out the easy way.
By tending to her inner and outer worlds one step at a time, as she is led in this bio-spiritual transition, she embraces Life anew.
Clutton-Brock observes that relatives and unrelated adults work equally hard tending a pup, so he looks for more than kinship to explain cooperative breeding.
The people at Motoman think that machine tending is an area of growth for robot use and have designed several products to do it.
12] status tending to have the greatest defects in performance.
Many sisters fought in the civil rights movement, working to effect change, only to find themselves left cooking, tending babies, or footing the bills for the household.
On the more positive side, anecdotal impressions from several cities suggested that prices and lease terms of office and other commercial structures were tending to stabilize, though the volume of actual transactions remained quite limited.
Broadness of molecular weights for EPDM can range from very broad to very narrow polymers, with the broader polymers tending to handle better on mills and calenders.
SVIA, headquartered in Jnkping, Sweden, builds automated solutions for machine tending processes, using robots to feed components to lathes and mills, and to secondary processes like assembly, washing and part marking.