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Of the lower extremity tests, the Rossolimo reflex and an exaggerated patellar tendon reflex appear to be most useful.
After randomization, five subjects (one from the control group and four from the intervention group) did not produce a measurable patellar tendon reflex response and were excluded from the study, Therefore, 22 subjects (3 males and 7 females in the intervention group; 5 males and 7 females in control group) completed the intervention and measurements.
We examined each patient with stroke at the beginning of the experiment using the clinical tendon reflex scale ranging from 0 to 4, with 0 = no response, 1 = low average, 2 = average normal, 3 = brisker than average, and 4 = hyperactive and association with clonus.
He also discussed the phenomena of areflexia and reflex inversion and stressed the disappearance of the Achilles tendon reflex in cases of sciatica (1896) and in tabes dorsalis (1898).
Chapter 8 covers sensory testing including; pain, light touch, temperature, vibration, proprioception and deep tendon reflex testing.
Hennig: The Influences of Stretching and Warm-Up Exercises on Achilles Tendon Reflex Activity, J.
One possible disadvantage is that a brisk stapedius tendon reflex could dislodge the prosthesis.
In their study on the Achilles tendon reflex, Milne and Williamson [16] recorded reduced occurrence of the reflex in women under 70 compared with men, but after that age the differences disappeared.
It provides the sensory component of the Golgi tendon reflex.