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25) Molti aspetti della riflessione albertiana saranno fatti propri da Machiavelli nel Principe in relazione al comportamento da tenere in politica.
The latest version of the Tenere is a sturdy stalwart, with a 23-litre tank, high stance and lots of luggage room.
La trattazione del discorso diretto e indiretto nel Satyricon deve necessariamente tenere conto della figura di Encolpio-narratore, che racconta i fatti in base al suo punto di vista.
This is not a Japanese word but Touareg, the name of an area north east of Agadaz, Niger, where the caravans begin their journey into the vast Tenere desert to collect salt at Bilma, a distance of 750 km.
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The closure follows layoffs of workers at Medtronic, Selectron and Tenere plants, all in the Ponce region.
Favourites include Nunc Hic Aut Numquam (It's Now Or Never) and Tenere Me Suaviter (Love Me Tender).
In his second as-seen-on-TV project, Oxford don Nick Middleton (right) went narwhal hunting amid the ice of northern Greenland, ventured into the deepest Congo with Biaka pygmies, travelled with a caravan of Tubu women across the Tenere desert and suffered mosquito hell in the swamps of Papua New Guinea.
Consider that the word entertainment was derived from the Latin entre and tenere, meaning literally "to hold wholenesses wholly.
When the possibility of a scheduled French flight to Tripoli was mooted three years ago - this after the partial lifting of economic sanctions against Tripoli - the French pilots association let it be known that none of its members would fly the route because of Libya's alleged role in the September 19, 1989 explosion of a UTA DC-la air-craft over the Tenere desert in Niger, resulting in 170 fatalities.
Sereno discovered the 110-million-year-old fossil (an organism's preserved remains) half-buried in the scorching sand of Niger's Tenere Desert in Africa.
Paleontologists first found remains of Sarcosuchus imperator--which translates as emperor of the flesh-eating crocodiles--in the Tenere Desert of Niger in the 1960s.