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This year, the Tenet Healthcare Foundation awarded $50,000 in scholarships to 27 deserving students in five Tenet markets: South Florida, Dallas, New Orleans, Philadelphia and Southern California.
The program is administered for Tenet by Scholarship Management Services, a division of ScholarshipAmerica.
This new agreement is a clear demonstration of how UnitedHealthcare and Tenet are working together to provide UnitedHealthcare customers with access to quality, affordable health care services.
Tenet South Florida, a part of Tenet Healthcare Corporation's (NYSE:THC) Florida-Alabama region, comprises 14 acute care hospitals, serving three South Florida counties with approximately 4,650 beds and numerous related health care services.
UnitedHealthcare announced today the signing of a multi-year contract renewing its relationship with Tenet South Florida.
This multi-year agreement with Tenet is an important step in our ongoing commitment to provide CIGNA HealthCare members with affordable, accessible coverage through an extensive network of the area's leading hospitals," said Andrew Crooks, president and general manager of CIGNA HealthCare of Florida.
Tenet South Florida's hospitals and Nova Southeastern University's (NSU) Health Professions Division have teamed up to address a crisis in the region: Florida's nursing shortage.
Last month, this hospital and Tenet Healthcare paid a record settlement of $22.
With Tenet's rapidly deteriorating cash position and potential multi billion liabilities, we do not see how Tenet can survive as it is currently structured," said M.
By contrast, Honeycutt and Biondi are holdover members from the existing Tenet Board of Directors.
The 102 Requirement for Improvement citations levied against the 19 Tenet hospitals require these facilities to correct these glaring problems within a stipulated time frame," said Dr.