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After the curing period, the specimens were tested for splitting tensile strength.
Figure 4 displays the correlation between the relative tensile strength of the inorganic plate-like particulate reinforced polymer composites and the tiller volume fraction when [zeta] = 2.
05), it can be concluded that the increasing of fiber volume fraction has effect the tensile strength and tensile modulus by decreasing the strength and modulus value.
With the above pictures can be seen that by far the highest tensile strength of the samples were steamed beech edge PU glue, and the lowest samples of fir glued PVAc glue.
The curves drawn between percentage weight fraction of fiber and specific values of strength and modulus as shown in Figs 4 and 5 exhibit the similar trend observed for tensile strength and modulus and the same cause is attributed as stated above.
Figure 3(a) shows the variation of tensile strength of wet samples with temperature ranging from 20 to 180[degrees]C.
The relative tensile strength and elongation at break, normalized with respect to sample I1, of samples containing 1 wt% of glass beads are illustrated as a function of the diameter in Fig.
Tenders are invited for Supply of wire rope slings ungalvanized steel tensile strength 160kg/ mm2 rhl mechanical spliced to is-5245 part-2 of 1971 with plain standard loop at both ends 1 inch diax3mr long 6x19 construction qty.
Low shrinkage, excellent clarity, and superior organoleptic properties are also clued, It has a tensile modulus of 61;500 psi, tensile strength of 1770 psi, elongation of 12%, and 97% clarity.
It was heat treated to a minimum of 60,000 psi ultimate tensile strength and tested by removing both longitudinal and transverse test specimens.