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TENSE. A term used in, grammar to denote the distinction of time.
     2. The acts of a court of justice ought to be in the present tense; as, "praeceptum est," not "preaceptum fuit;" but the acts of, the party may be in the preterperfect tense, as "venit, et protulit hic in curia quandum querelam suam;" and the continuances are in the preterperfect tense; as, "venerunt," not "veniunt." 1 Mod. 81.
     3. The contract of marriage should be made in language in the present tense. 6 Binn. Rep. 405. Vide 1 Saund. 393, n. 1.

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Then follow the same procedure with the stomach muscles and then the buttock muscles, tensing and relaxing.
Edmund Hillary, Tiger Tensing and James Hunt, the leader of the expedition To conquer the world'shighest mountain, To reach the summit their mission.
1986: Tensing Norgay, the Nepalese climber known as Sherpa Tensing, died.
Edmund Hillary was scrupulous at the time that he and Tensing had arrived at the top of Everest together as this was an unwritten convention of mountaineers that climbers roped together arrived together.