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A cadence does not mean that the tensional polarities along the way were invalid.
Oschmann, J Fascia as a body-wide communication system The Tensional Network of the Human Body Churchill Livingstone, Elsevier 2012 (pp 103-109)
All domes of class In1 show fractures on their surfaces, probably formed by tensional stress.
A esse respeito, talvez tenha sido Paul Virilio (1995) quem preliminar e paradoxalmente --ele que era arquiteto, urbanista e autodidata em assuntos militares mais bem sinalizou, para a teoria, a sociologia e a filosofia da comunicacao, a dimensao preocupante da condicao glocal, no interesse de uma ensaistica tensional, ao mencionar o termo glocal num contexto de discussao sobre o significado periclitante da velocidade tecnologica (do tempo real) trazido pelo cyberspace--consequencias da ordem de um eventual acidente generalizado, por irradiacao informacional iminente, provocado por dolo ou ao acaso, no arco sempre sombrio de uma militarizacao socialmente velada, de que grande parte da obra do pensador frances e a memoria sistematica mais fecunda e esclarecedora (Virilio, 1999).
Intersectional agency, as I suggest in the title, is--at least on an analytical level--intrinsically tensional in the case of white, feminist activists; it is their whiteness, as an advantageous location in relations of power that complicates their agency.
Hallam [53] argued that this was rather a consequence of tensional tectonic activity, producing rotated fault blocks.
380); what truly exists is, in his view, a cumulated center consisting of non-material but active quanta, and the relation among quanta is tensional and discontinuous (Zhou, 1990, p.
Notably, it also shows significant improvements in the tensional state that often induces cigarette cravings and the urge to "resmoke" among withdrawing smokers.
Browning's tensional metaphor is "strong reading," which
The behaviour of the knitted fabric under applied tensional load depends on several factors such as the fabric design, fabric tightness, yarn type and applied load [17-19].
This might have resulted in reduction of tensional and firmness of the slices, thereby causing an increase in [D.