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Bonded seals are used by most bolt tensioning manufacturers to seal the hydraulic connections to the tensioner.
Maintained correctly belt tensioning can maximize abrasive belt life, provide the best possible finish and extend the life of the sanding machine components.
Stoll's wide ranging post tensioning experience includes troubleshooting, jobsite assistance and inspection of post tensioning prior to concrete pouring.
Post tensioning is used widely in bridges, elevated slabs (parking structures and residential or commercial buildings), residential foundations, walls, and columns.
Its products include one-time use and reusable chucks and wedges, stressing jacks, and anchors that are used by concrete tensioning system designers, fabricators, and installers.
The country's myriad large-scale construction projects will present a number of prospects to companies with post tensioning capabilities in the run-up to the 2022 World Cup and 2030 National Vision, says Burke.
Post tensioning, which is used in slab construction, is a method of strengthening and reinforcing concrete using steel cables.