tentative approach

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PAUL Collingwood is confident out-of-touch wicket-keeper Phil Mustard can break free from his tentative approach to recent warm-up matches and light up this week's Twenty20 internationals, writes MYLES HODGSON.
The statement said: 'Some weeks ago, the board received a highly preliminary and tentative approach regarding a possible offer for the company - this approach was subject to conditions and pre-conditions
A tentative approach has already been made for him, but the old-fashioned boss does not want to discuss the vacancy until Megson (pictured above) is out.
A latest tentative approach has come from a local firm that sees its future as a maritime bin-wagon, collecting refuse from companies along the riverbank.
75p or 30 per cent to 404p - as it confirmed a tentative approach from an unnamed party.
Now, a week after we revealed that the Sheikh is ready to launch a bid to buy United, we can confirm that a tentative approach was made to Cubic Expression as early as January to discover whether they are interested in selling their Old Trafford stake.
He's one of their star players and any normal club would have made even a tentative approach by now.
So far Larsson has only attracted a half-hearted enquiry from Real Mall orc a and a tentative approach from another major Spanish outfit who have asked for time to study his form before deciding whether or not to makean offer.
Artists are sensitive to world politics and I had only given the initial, tentative approach some small thought.
The Russian played aggressive tennis from the outset,possibly mindful of her tentative approach to her quarter- final at the French Open in which she surprisingly lost to doubles specialist Paola Suarez.
SOME months ago when there was a tentative approach to me to appear in I'm A Celebrity.
It has since stressed that the tentative approach had been based on previous market expectations.

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