tentative explanation

See: hypothesis
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While debates will continue, a tentative explanation can be offered: Flirtation with authoritarianism could be linked more to millennia of Arab history and culture rather than with Islam as such.
The methodology proceeds either by experimental reasoning with logical and consistent coherence as in mathematics, or by observation, tentative explanation, controlled experimentation, and inducible conclusions as in the life sciences.
Hypothesis: A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation.
Bucca suggested that the tentative explanation of how iron deficiency causes cough is based on the knowledge that iron deficiency impairs immunologic defenses and induces the release of inflammatory cytokines.
Cohen suggests several tentative explanations for this disparity, the strongest of which is that the Torah commentary predated the attacks on Rhineland Jewry in 1096 by Christians associated with the first Crusade.
In this way, this study will be able to provide some tentative explanations as to the changes in the students' mental or intellectual organization of the concept of knowledge.
Now, a few months after this strange radiation was first seen, tentative explanations are beginning to appear.

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