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The "Theogony" might be tentatively placed a century later; and the "Catalogues" and "Eoiae" are again later, but not greatly later, than the "Theogony": the "Shield of Heracles" may be ascribed to the later half of the seventh century, but there is not evidence enough to show whether the other `developed' poems are to be regarded as of a date so low as this.
She lifted the sherry bottle tentatively for his consent.
The second question, tentatively and for the present, I should answer in favour of introspection; I think that images, in the actual condition of science, cannot be brought under the causal laws of physics, though perhaps ultimately they may be.
You received a good education," she said tentatively.
Then she began tentatively questioning him about the scene on the previous day with Luzhin, hesitating and continually glancing at Dounia, obviously to the latter's annoyance.
The Texas House on Wednesday tentatively approved the authorization of a package of bonds worth $3.
Global Banking News-27 November 2009-Samsung Life tentatively selects banks for managing IPO(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAUA) has been informed by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) that it has tentatively approved Continental Airlines' (NYSE:CAL) application to join the antitrust-immunised alliance of United and eight other Star Alliance member airlines.
Transportation Department tentatively said Friday it has tentatively awarded the route.
In Astana, he is set to give a joint news conference with Foreign Minister Marat Tazhin on July 2 tentatively at 10:50 at the Foreign Ministry and a joint news conference with the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, Goran Lennmarker, tentatively set to start at 16.
The demolition, which was scheduled to begin Monday, is tentatively slated for next week.