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A) NBMG 20585, iehnofossil from the Devonian (Emsian) Campbellton Formation, (B) Interpretive sketch of NBMG 20585, with Monomorphichnus multilineatus and Helminthoidichnites tenuis, (C) Close-up of Helminthoidichnites tenuis on NBMG 20585, (D-I) Close-ups of Monomorphichnus multilineatus on NBMG 20585.
tenuis, reseeding larvae could be a quick and affordable way to help severely damaged reefs bounce back.
Arthropoda: Lepeophtheirus Lepeo 0,5 0,2 Copepoda zbigniewi Colobomatus Colob 1,2 0,1 * tenuis Holobomolochus Holob 3,3 0,4 * chilensis Platyhelminthes: Microcotyle Micro 2,6 0,7 * Monogenea sp.
Understanding the impact of meningeal worm, Parelaphostrongylus tenuis, on moose population.
Long-term changes in some benthic species in the Firth of Clyde, with particular reference to Tellina tenuis da Costa.
tenuis using the redescription by Garcia-Garza et al.
Intraspecific variation in a physiological thermoregulatory mechanism: The case of the lizard Liolaemus tenuis (Liolaeminae).
During the remarkable spawning runs of California Grunion Leuresthes tenuis (Teleostei: Atherinopsidae), thousands of these silverside fish emerge from the ocean and actively move about on beaches to lay their eggs in the damp sand (Spratt, 1986).
Recent record of the least pipistrelle Pipistrellus tenuis (Vespertilionidae: Chiroptera) from the Margalla Hills National Park Pakistan.
contenta was very abundant while Pinnularia obscura and Diatoma tenuis were common in site K.
Ademas, se les ofrecio huevos de la palomilla de los cereales, Sitotroga cerealella Olivier (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), como se realiza con Nesidiocoris tenuis Reuter (Heteroptera: Miridae) (De Puysseleyr et al.