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In a 1966 litho, also untitled, a cluster of up-curving black bars float in white space, tenuously tethered to a slender, jutting line; the motif calls to mind a fingerprint, or an old-fashioned microphone, or the visual reverberation of unheard sound.
Stanley Kobierowski was only out to have a good time, but wound up setting a Rhode Island state record when his tenuously controlled car ran into a highway message board and officers sort a poured him out of the driver's seat.
The same is sometimes claimed of the Superman franchise, tenuously linking the unhappy stories of Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Marlon Brando and Richard Pryor.
Buch then links this work, somewhat tenuously, to Kafka's short story, In the Penal Colony, without distinguishing between the fact that while they may bear some connections, the torture victim Kafka depicts was a figment of his imagination, while the man Bataille observes so enthusiastically was once incontrovertibly, agonizingly, alive.
Having tenuously considered Sam Allardyce - it would have been a dereliction of their duty not to - they swiftly moved on to Chris Hughton.
Previously, those relationships were tenuously managed on a hairball of spreadsheets.
Height Of Fashion also features, albeit tenuously, in the background of Imperialistic Diva as the dam of Unfuwain, the grandsire of Haafhd.
Peters is not offering any overarching strategy to thrive--he is simply giving readers 500 pages of tenuously connected thoughts on the topic.
But, however tenuously until now, Bakkavor has held on and--in an exclusive interview--CEO Agust Gudmundsson tells The Grocer that the company's turmoils are almost over.
To me, her failures seemed easily attributable to the fact that her right hand was tenuously gripping a spinning rod by its very end while her left was cranking the reel backward.
SINCE today's Congress party is only most tenuously connected to the party that Mahatma Gandhi led, we will not hold its members and allies to the great soul's dictum on living life austerely.
Once a nation of stability and prosperity, Ivory Coast is today tenuously held together by international peacekeepers after years of internal conflict.